Friday, 28 August 2009

Very late update, reviews

To be honest I have not used this blog to date as there are so many to keep up to date.  The facebook page and group is up to date, as is the myspace - well nearly!  But to summarise the amazing press response to date on the album :

5 star reviews e.g. The Financial Times, etc
4 star reivews e.g. World Music Network,, Rock N Reel / R2 magazine etc

Review Quotes e.g.

‘sturdy Ethiopian vocals are matched against backing that veers from wailing 

psychedelic rock to trance, trip-hop and dub, it's an impressive achievement.’ 

- The Guardian, Robin Denselow

‘some of the album’s tracks have a brooding intensity which make them as 

compelling as anything I’ve heard this year ‘- Songlines, Howard Male

‘you can imagine this becoming a mind blowing rave classic, pushing the envelope

 beyond Ethiopqiues nostalgia.’ - MOJO, David Hutchenson

‘there are moments of electrifying mystique’  - Fly Global, Tim Woodall

’there's a pleasing headiness to its rough charm’ - The Independent, Andy Gill

‘a startlingly original combination of Ethiopian roots and pop with dub, electronica

and psychedelic rock’ - fRoots, Jamie Renton

‘this wonderfully strange and slightly otherworldly album’ refuses resolutely to be pigeon holed. One of the most startlingly original musical adventures of the year giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘fusion music’. - R2 / rock N Reel, Dave Haslam

‘like an exotic mythology flung into outer space‘ - World Music Network, TJ Nelson

‘an unhinged sense that anything could happen, it grows with each listen’ - fRoots, Jamie Renton

‘It’s an album that, to its credit, solidly defies easy description.  It needs to be heard several times and each reveals a new delight’ -, Chris Nickson

‘Each time you hear the songs, you hear something different as this will be the longevity of this world class fusion CD’ -, Los Angeles